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It was January 2020; we all lit off fireworks, opened champagne bottles, and celebrated as though this was going to be a better year than the one before. Little did we know that two months later the world we know would change forever. As the whole world fell apart and many discovered their hidden baking talents, I got to work on making the most of this unique situation. Together with Lazy Bear Expeditions in Churchill, Manitoba we started putting plans in place for what would be an expedition that only a handful of people ventured to in the past; camping along a remote part of coastal Hudson Bay with dozens of polar bears. Much like 2020, our trip was an emotional roller coaster that tested our limits to the core: a trip that changed our lives dramatically. Starting October 1 we will be posting a day by day story written by our bear guard Heino Ruitenbeek while on our expedition; fulfilled with images and videos taken by yours truly.