Matko Pictures™ NoteCards and Holiday Cards are printed on professional grade photo & fine art paper with 10 color HDR inks. All Matko Pictures™ NoteCards and Holiday Cards are perfectly suitable for letter framing. The archival quality of our prints is 85+ years depending on used media and display conditions.
HOW TO ORDER? To create your own personal card selection, you can choose any 6 (12) images from the MatkoPictures™ website or choose one image from the MatkoPictures™ website and order a set of 6 (12) identical NoteCards or Holiday Cards. Choose the media type matt, glossy, satin or metallic and the quantity of sets. E-mail your order to us here. After receiving your order we will prepare your invoice with the final amount including shipping and PayPal payment instructions. After we receive full payment we will process your order. Please allow 7-10 working days (10 - 14 for custom) for processing your order. NoteCard and Holiday Card Sets are shipped in flat box envelopes. MATKO PICTURES™ CARDS CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU We can personalize your cards on the front, back or inside. We can print your company logo on the back or your personal message on the front or inside of each card. If you need or prefer any other format, kind of media or you need help with matting and framing of your cards we are here to help, just e-mail your questions here MATKO PICTURES™ NOTECARDS FOR YOUR BUSINESS For any kind of bulk, commercial or special orders, including custom business solutions, your printed company logo or any kind of business personalization please address all your inquiries direct to us here MATKO PICTURES™ & PHOTOFABRICA™ If you would like to order images directly or visit us in store MatkoPictures™ is proud to be working with PhotoFabrica™ in Vancouver to meet all your photography needs. Please click here to get redirected. Set of 6 (12) same motif images & 6 (12) envelopes High Gloss or Premium Matt 5.5" x 8" 6 pcs. set - $30.00 12 pcs. set - $60.00
Set of 6 (12) custom selected images & 6 (12) envelopes High Gloss or Premium Matt 5.5" x 8" 6 pcs. set - $60.00 12 pcs. set - $120.00 Set of 12+ same motif images & envelopes High Gloss or Premium Matt 5.5" x 8" 12 pcs. set - $60.00 24 pcs. set - $115.00 48 pcs. set - $225.00 96 pcs. set - $430.00
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