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So far 2022 has been an epic year in terms of milestones! Continuing on the successes of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2021 I was able to secure not one, but two major publications for National Geographic and GEO France with my polar bears in the summer series. As you can imagine that alone was a dream come true since ever since I was a kid we always had these two magazines in our home; reading them and using them to sculpt various animals  the magazines played a crucial role not only in my love for the natural world, but also for wildlife photography. Dreaming of one day being in them I was ecstatic to finally pick up a copy at my local news stand. On top of publications I was also able to secure a role on my first natural history series. The details of the film will become more clear in the new year, but from a personal perspective I can say without a doubt that even with four months to go 2022 will be hard to beat.